HEI Buy-Share

HEI Buy-Share: This is a special value added product designed for clients in a group(s) with common interest on consumable goods. The goods will be bought by the organization and shared among interested clients at a very minimal cost. We buy at wholesale cost and sell to clients at cost price plus service charge.


  • Buy at wholesale price per unit
  • Clients can use this product to stock their shops
  • It is flexible
  • No middle man
  • Pay little, get much


  • No collateral
  • Easy access to loan
  • Low interest rate
  • Free record keeping
  • It is flexible to run


  • Completed application loan form
  • Disbursement is done upon provision of invoice
  • Disbursement will be done directly to vendor’s account
  • 2 guarantors from the group and 1 external guarantor i.e family member
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Valid means of Identification (National ID, Voters’ card, Drivers’ license, International passport and LASRRA)


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