HEI Micro Group Loan

HEI Micro Group Loan: This product is designed for clients who are members of a registered group with HEI Micro Finance Institution (MFI). A group is made up of a minimum of five and a maximum of ten people who come together as a result of having similar interest in securing a loan from the institution. However, they can access loans individually but under the supervision of group guarantors.


  • You can access N25,000 (minimum) to N100,000 (maximum)
  • Repayment is weekly
  • Moratorium of 1 week
  • Duration is 26 weeks


  • No collateral
  • Easy access to loan
  • Low interest rate
  • Free record keeping
  • It is flexible to run


  • Completed application loan form
  • 2 guarantors from the group and 1 external guarantor i.e. family member
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Valid means of Identification (National ID, Voters’ Card, Drivers’ License, International Passport and LASRRA)


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