Our Social Responsibilities

This is designed specially for children in the rural areas and inner communities in urban areas.
We are committed to seeing every child have access to quality education. The
only way we can save our nation from terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and armed robbery is to ensure that parents who are not capable of sending their children to school get the opportunity to have their children get the necessary education they need.

“…building a lasting legacy”

This programme is designed to unlock potentials of youths in the country which lay more emphasis on one of our core objectives to provide socio-economic employment opportunities by developing vocational skills, entrepreneurship competencies that would yield commercial value and generate sustainable income. Youth in the country can learn vocational that span from shoes and sandals making, tailoring, cake baking, soup making, etc.

“…building a lasting legacy”

We are committed to have a better nation by empowering graduating secondary school students through motivational speaking, career awareness, talents and skills development. Since they are leaders of tomorrow and they are the greatest assets we have as a country; there is need for quality of leadership we are building or producing.

Great men are made by words thus we create a platform where great motivational speakers are put together to inspire these students against challenges ahead of our ever changing world.

“…building a lasting legacy”

This programme is designed especially for helpless widows around the country especially wives of our fallen heroes like soldiers and policemen; men that died on the battlefield while serving their great nation Nigeria. These widows are categorized into two categories which are active and inactive widows.

Active widows are those that are in their active age i.e. they can still be involve with petty trade if empowered while Inactive widows are those that are advanced in age who we support with food and clothing items.


...building a lasting legacy.